Murder in Ghatkopar 33year old man ko 9 logon ke group se jaan se maara Case registered at Ghatkopar Police station

  • February 10, 2021

Murder in Ghatkopar 33year old man ko 9 logon ke group se jaan se maara Case registered at Ghatkopar Police station

Beeti raat Ghatkopar Sanjay Nagar Gaiban shah Dargha Road Macchi galli main apni wife ke sath ja rahe Qayyub shaikh aur unke bhai Yakub Shaikh par 9 logon ke group ne dhaardaar hatyar Knives, Choppers se hamla kardiya 

Iss hamle main Yakub shaikh zakhmi hue aur Qayyub Shaikh ki maut hogayi 

Ghatkopar Police station main mamla darj 76/2021 under sections 302, 307, 450, 143, 145, 147, 149, 34, 506 (2) 427 of Indian Penal Code and sections 4 and 25 of Arms Act as well as sections 37(1) (a), 13

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    Sample this Randi of the IPS Priyanka Kashyap IPS -DOB 17/1/1985 - a SC candidate (AGMUT cadre - transferred from Nagaland)  The said officer was accused by the Nigerian Ambassador of racism and abuse in a written complaint to the MEA  The said officer was accused of protecting the Goan Drug Mafia in a written complaint to the MEA.dindooohindoo  The said officer was also abused by the Nigerian Ambassador in a SMS to the said officer  The actions of the said officer caused the most serious diplomatic tension with an African Nation – since the incidents in Uganda , under Idi Amin  A Note Verbale/Aide menoire/ Letters of Protest was odged by the Nigerian Embassy,w.r.t the actions of the SAID POLICE OFFICER OF THE Goa Police,on the undermentioned incidents      The said officer was transferred from Nagaland and the Service Book of the said officer is incomplete, for the last several years – which is highly abnormal for an IPS officer  The said officer was to be transferred to Delhi in 2106 – but was not relieved by the Goa Govtt  The officer has been on maternity leave for 28 months in the last 5 years and suffers from a condition called pre-eclampsia and has had 1 miscarriage & has not undergone any psychological or psychiatric evaluation  Another order has been issued for transfer of the said officer to Mizoram in 2019   The above said Transfer Order has also been cancelled by the State Government of Goa   There are several complaints against the officer in the records of the Goa State Govtt and no action has been taken on the said officer  The moot question is – what service does this officer provide the Goa State which makes the GOI cancel a transfer order issued from the GOI-MOH – just a few hours after it was issued (on the same day!)  During the currency of the said officer as SP , there were several rapes and murders, in Goa , and also that the HC had quashed the convictions secured by the Goa Police on several cases related to terror,rape and murder  In the tenor of this officer –Goa became the hub for Matka (just 30 meters from the Goa Police HQ) and also a den of large scale drugs manufacturing.dindooohindoo

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